Monday, 23 July 2012


Last Friday was the last class with Russell. I could know many useful websites which I can use in my class from him. And This is the last website I have learned. It's called VoiceThread. You can put some pictures and make some comments to each picture. I heard now this tool is used very well all over the world.

This is my presentation using VoiceThread. Please check it!(^O^)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Big task 2

I want to write one of my big tasks again! This is yesterday post's continuous one!

Now, we do micro-teaching in Clari's class. We prepare our own class plans individually, and we play it in front of others, of course including Clari. This each class is based on NLP. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) This is one of the important theories to teach something or talk with other people. It's a little challenging thing (=difficult) for us to understand the contents. But now, we think of it deeply and use it in our class.

And my class was finished in July 3rd. My goal was that teacher let students understand the differences among some tenses. (past, present, future, present continuous, and present perfect) According to the guide, where the way to teach was written, students can understand them during their discussion only. So I asked Clari what the teacher's job is. I think if the class has only discussion, teacher have nothing to do except to observe the conversations among students. She taught me some hints to check how students understand the contents in class. So I also focused on these activities in my class.

As a result, my class took very very long time than I expected....... I could know, in order to think deeply, I used 8 sentences and I made some long activities. But anyway, my teaching was very long....... It's difficult to manage the time....... Of course, this was practice to teach for my future. So I can learn how important the time management is.

However, in my childhood, I thought if I had more time to discuss with others or to prepare my ideas, I (or we) could create better ideas or opinions. So, maybe as some HTT2012 noticed, I waited for finishing their discussions and after that, I moved on next sentence. Was it good or not? As for students, it's good to have long time to think about something or to talk with others and to share their own opinions. But as for teachers, it's their job to manage one class in itself.

Hmm...... Very difficult for me........ What do you think about that?

Anyway, this teaching practice was one of my precious experiences in Warwick University! I wanna think about it deeply in Warwick and In Japan.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Big task

These days, I had many big tasks! I was confused so much, actually. However, all tasks was finished today! So I wrote what these tasks were here....

Yesterday(02.07), we had Penny's class. From two weeks ago, we HTT2012 learned the way of presentation. We did some presentations in class last year, but we now also want to improve our presentation's skill. So we asked Penny and Clari to teach us. We learned what is the most important in the presentation  or some theories about presentation itself.

In addition, from yesterday, new Beijing students came to Warwick University and started to studying. They are older than us, actually, but they are our juniors here! (because we HTT2012 have stayed here more than 10 weeks! Wow!) So Penny asked us to introduce about anything we want Beijing students to know about Britain.

At first, we all were confused because we didn't know which information is good for them or not. We also worried about our speaking skill or their listening skill. (because they have to listen to non-native speech for a long time ;() But this task was pair work and we had about one week to prepare our presentation. So we could manage to prepare our own presentation in time!

Yuuri and I talked about travelling in Britain. (London, Oxford, and Bath) And the order we presented was 4th. As I'd thought before our presentation, Beijing students' attention were scattered before our presentation..... How sad it was..... But, anyway, I tried to speak loudly and ask some questions to them. Although I don't know whether it was good or not, some students laughed at our presentation! I became very happy! So I think our presentation was succeeded!

After our presentations, we talked with them in small groups. In my group, they told about where they want to visit, or they asked me where I've already been. I became more happy because they remembered I talked about travelling or they are interested in Japan. However, I couldn't say about China.... Actually I thought like this when HTT2012, Kansai University students and Hong Kong students were gathered and discussed our thought. I couldn't say anything about Hong Kong..... Now I study English in Britain, so maybe it's more important to think about Britain. However, I also think it's important to know about other Asian countries' culture.....

Oh, very long sentence! So sorry for your difficulty reading this.....
And now I decided to divide the contents. ww

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Long Holiday

We had Long Holiday (01-05/06). So we went to Durham, Glasgow and Edinburgh!!!!(*^_^*) 

At first, we went to Durham by train. It took long time, so we were already tired before sightseeing.ww We went to the Cathedral and the Castle. As you know, I introduced Durham with Wallwisher, so I could understand how beautiful those were! After eating dinner at our hotel, Hiroaki, Yuri and I returned the centre of Durham to see the night view!! It was very impressed with us so I took many pictures like this.

As you can understand, the Castle becomes yellow, and the Cathedral becomes blue. I really enjoyed it!

Next day, we went to Glasgow. Unfortunately, someone got injured by hitting the train, so our train was very delayed.... Oh, dear..... So we couldn't go to the Cathedral. However, our hostel was close to the museum, Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. So we went there. This picture is there.

I couldn't take pictures inside the building. But there were many interesting statues and pictures. So I recommend to visit there!

In 3rd June, we went to Edinburgh, of course, by train. ww In Edinburgh, my friends study abroad like us. So we met them at the station. And they guided us where we had to visit. First, we went to Calton Hill. It's bigger than expected, so it was a little difficult to climb. But the view from it was very very very beautiful!!! I really liked it!!!

Next, my friends recommended to go to Edinburgh Castle. I didn't ask, but I bought the ticket for entering and audio guide. So I paid £19... Oh, dear....... However, I could learn the history of this castle so much! It was interesting for me! So now, I think it was good. ww 

After that, we went to the Meadow to BBQ!!! Yeah!!! My friends bought the ingredients at TESCO and Sainsbury's. So we can BBQ cheaper than usual, I think. After eating too much meat, we played football! How exciting it was! I couldn't play it well because some friends laughed at me. ww But I really enjoyed it because we hadn't met for a long time!

In 4th June, we also enjoyed sightseeing. In the evening, we gathered the Library Bar and celebrated one of our friends' birthday. His birthday was very June 4th! So we drunk too much alcohol! ww 

This all travel made me very excited because there is far from Coventry, we could meet our friends and we could understand each other's studying abroad! If I can, I want to travel somewhere in the UK with them! Thank you so much! I love DELCE!!!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Today we have Russell's class. Saori and I made the presentation of Durham with Wallwisher. If you have never been there, please check it!!☆